bound. by Locki Humphrey - ArchiBuild Expo

13-15 June 2024, ICC Sydney

bound. by Locki Humphrey

Locki is a Naarm/Melbourne based furniture designer and 3D artist whose work spans both physical and digital mediums. Growing up in Sydney, they studied Science & Arts at the University of Sydney before developing a love for furniture working as an upholsterer. Locki’s work re-interprets traditional forms and methods for a modern audience, and by using few visible fixtures in their furniture construction they are able to achieve clean silhouettes which are dramatic and playful in proportion. With a particular focus on minimal intervention and sustainable design practices, Locki believes that good design should intentionally and carefully walk the line between beauty and function.

Product Description:
Developed for the 2022 exhibition alt.material: availability, bound. is a piece which utilises ready-made, recycled and found objects to construct a modern piece of sustainable furniture which maintains a raw connection to materiality.

My goal for this piece was to design something which could not only be built without the need for complex manufacturing, but also to design something without the use of technical fixing or power tools (welding, rivets, glues etc.). This keeps the design process as approachable and accessible to the general public as possible. It also allows for a design devoid of plastic entirely, neither in parts nor paints.

Constructed from stock exhaust pipes, rebar, Danish cord and cork, it’s held together entirely through tension keeping it 100% recyclable as it can be readily disassembled into base components.

Stand: Australia's Next Top Designer exhibit

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