Dusk/Dawn Collection by Sarah Tracton - ArchiBuild Expo

13-15 June 2024, ICC Sydney

Dusk/Dawn Collection by Sarah Tracton

Drawn to exploring the infinite possibilities of porcelain translucency, fine artist and designer Sarah Tracton handcrafts lighting that is luminous, experimental and ethereal. A finalist of numerous awards, she is a Good Design Award Winner, and recipient of Creative Victoria’s Creators Fund.

To achieve her lighting’s remarkable diaphanous effect, Sarah honed her artistry at the National Art School in Sydney, mastering an unique technique of pouring clay slip on a plaster slab, then heightening its luminous properties by adding iridescent colours to the porcelain which results in exquisite celestial translucency when internally lit. She repairs the porcelain which has shattered in firing stages with Kintsugi gold leaf technique, combating wasting with circular economy and the ethos of wabi-sabi, beauty in imperfection.

This collection captures the surrealistic light of dawn and dusk in all its colour gradations. Suspended and powered by a groundbreaking minimalistic frame system of near-invisible slimline wires without any visible cables, a strikingly imaginative ladder formation creates a mysterious buoyancy of mid-air float. Each lit surface of the finest grade Australian porcelain reveals unique one-of-a-kind idiosyncrasies, intriguing variations that can only be achieved with the mark of the human hand. A dual existence as fine art and function design.

Stand: Australia's Next Top Designer exhibit


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