Haustorium Vessels by Polly Dymond - ArchiBuild Expo

13-15 June 2024, ICC Sydney

Haustorium Vessels by Polly Dymond

Polly Dymond is a Tarndanya/Adelaide based contemporary object maker embracing the alchemy of experimental materials and processes to transform discarded waste into precious artefacts.

A recent alumni of JamFactory’s esteemed Associate Program in the Jewellery and Metal Studio, she has an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design from Melbourne Polytechnic and is currently an Artist In Residence at the University of South Australia.

The ‘Haustorium Series’ utilises street salvaged discarded polystyrene, single use plastics and found objects, combined with traditional metalsmithing techniques to reimagine waste and elevate materials frequently overlooked. The objects are entombed beneath layers of hard copper amour via a laborious process of electroforming, creating something recognisable yet foreign, organic but manmade, once discarded now valued.

Stand: Australia's Next Top Designer exhibit

  • Australia's Next Top Designer