TAUT by Keith Perry - ArchiBuild Expo

13-15 June 2024, ICC Sydney

TAUT by Keith Perry

Designed to embody the ideals of the contemporary Right to Repair movement, Taut is a tension-style lounge chair crafted from found materials and made using the most basic of tools and methods.
Created by the user, for the user, with materials found around the user, TAUT creates a connection to the object and a deeper sense of responsibility for the longevity of the chair over its lifetime.

The inspiration for the form of the chair came from the popular ‘tensegrity’ chair design and the Butterfly chair design. More importantly, I was inspired by Victor Papanek’s work in “Nomadic Furniture” and an Australian book called “Skills of the Australian bushman” by Ron Edwards.
Utilising simple tools, I had at home (A chisel, hammer and sewing machine), I crafted materials that I had found around my home, (Fallen branches from trees, the nylon core of an old abseiling rope and an old bike cable) into this incredibly unique and characterful chair.

Stand: Australia's Next Top Designer exhibit


  • Australia's Next Top Designer